Mango Peach Breakfast Smoothie

When you don’t blend the mango stone into this smoothie, it is so wonderful. This smoothie has milled flaxseed and shelled hemp seed. Hemp seed is incredibly high in protein – 11g in just three tablespoons. A medium egg has 5-6g in the entire thing so 11g for only 3 tablespoons is pretty impressive. The flax seed contains omega 3 and its also a great source of calcium and iron. Both of these, paired with the oats, will keep you full until lunchtime. It takes 5 minutes to make in the morning and you can easily take it with you to work. The recipe below contains approximately 370 calories, 14g protein and keeps me full for about 3 hours. If you are used to eating a little more for breakfast, feel free to add more oats, hemp or flax.

Recipe by... Lee-Ann

Serves: 1 Serving  Prep Time: 5 Minutes  Cooking Time: 1 Minute

1 medium sized mango
1 medium sized peach
5g hemp seed
5g flax seed
25g porridge oats (these should be free of any ‘naughties’ – just pure oats with nothing added)
175ml semi skimmed milk (or replace with any other milk of preference – full fat, soy, almond. Whatever works for you)
50 ml cold water (optional)
¼ cup crushed ice (optional)

Does it really count as cooking instructions if there is only one line of text?!
Ok now there are two lines.
Put all the ingredients in your food processor, blender, Nutribullet or use your handblender.
Blend until smooth – this normally takes me about 30 seconds in my Nutribullet.