Banana Almond Smoothie

Loaded with lots of good stuff, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 & 6, this is a very tasty breakfast smoothie. It is made with frozen banana, almond butter, cannabis infused almond milk, and flax seeds. The almond extract lightens up the flavor and makes it taste like a treat. You will Love it!

1     Medium to large frozen banana
1     Heaping spoonful of almond butter 
2     Tablespoons flax seed
1/2 cup infused almond milk, or regular milk
drizzle of honey, agave nectar or maple syrup
tiny drop of almond extract or vanilla extract, 
Into your trusty blender, add the Infused almond milk and flax seed. Give it a little blend to break down the flax seed, just a moment will do. Next add the (chopped up) frozen banana, a bit at a time while on slow speed. Carefull of splashes. Add the almond extract. last of all add half the almond butter, and then the rest. Drizzle some honey on top for a sweetness you will love! and if you like a little crunch- garnish with some sliced almonds and flax seed.