Blueberry Hemp Smoothie

BlueberryHempseed Smoothie Chef 420

This smoothie is simple, wholesome, and satisfying for anyone trying to lose weight. The protein in the Greek yogurt helps curb your appetite and keeps you from overeating, the berries provide antioxidants, the hemp and the chia seeds contribute omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and fiber to help you fight inflammation, helps with digestion, and also exellent for your skin, hair and nails.
1/2  cup almond milk
1      cup plain fat-free Greek yogurt 
1      cup frozen Blueberries
1      Tablespoon ground chia seeds
1      Tablespoon Hemp seeds
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Into your blender start with Almond milk, add the chia and hemp seeds. Give it a good blend on low speed for 5 seconds. Add the frozen Blueberries, and give it another spin. Lastly add the yogurt to thicken into a smooth creamy texture.