Another method is cannaflour. Grind the cannabis up as fine as you can get it,I like to use a spice grinder, and mix it with the following ratio: for every 1 cup of flour,mix a 1/4 cup of powdered cannabis. Your final product is cannaflour, and you can use it in just about every baking recipe in place of flour.




These cookies are soooo gooood, and twice as stony if you use the butter and cannaflour. They are a little bit " heavyer " when using cannaflour.  By Chef 420 Ingredients: 2/3       cup marijuana...

BROWNIES (basic)

Hay Hay Fellow culinary cannabis cooking enthusiasts, Here It is My Basic Brownie recipe, I say basic but I make these more than any other- Just add some nuts, or chocolate pieces, peanut butter pieces, or whatever, I've added whole gummie bears...


Everybody loves these Chocolate chip Butterscotch brownies! I suggest you try these with a cup of hot chocolate or chocolate milk. By CHEF 420  Original Recipe Yields 2 dozen Ingredients; 1        cup butterscotch...


I think these are the best Medicated brownies I have made. They are sooo chewy and Tasty too! The caramel helps mask the MMJ flavor, so you can make them very potent. INGREDIENTS: 14      ounces caramels 14     ...
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Infused Products Conference Sept 23-24th Los Angeles, CA

09/23/2019 00:00
Join us at the Sheraton Gateway LAX in Los Angeles, CA for the first-ever cannabis industry conference specific to cannabis extracting or infusing....

CannMed 2019 Sept 23-24 Pasadena, CA

09/23/2019 00:00
CannMed features the greatest minds in medical cannabis. With a booming industry anticipated to exceed $500B by 2028, understanding the complex...

NCIA, Cannabis Caucus, Sept. 24 Boston, MA

09/24/2019 00:00
Northeast Cannabis Caucus NCIA’s Cannabis Caucus series is an exclusive opportunity for NCIA members and their guests to connect with each other,...

Cannabis World Congress And Business Expo, Sept. 25-28 Los Angeles, CA

09/25/2019 00:00
Cannabis World Congress And Business Expo,  Sept. 25-28  Los Angeles, CA
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