Soy Flour

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Soy Flour

Soy flour is made by milling roasted soy beans into a fine powder.Two kinds of soy flour are available,natural or full-fat soy flour which still contain the natural oils that are found in the soy bean.Defatted soy flour has the oils removed during processing. Both kinds will give a protein boost to your recipes,Defated soy flour is even more concentrated in protein than full fat.

Using Soy flour

Use soy flour to thicken gravies or ceam sauces, to make homemade soy milk, or add to a variety of baked goods.As well as boost protein content, it helps keep baked goods from going stale.In fried food like doughnuts or fried chicken, soy flour helps to reduce the amount of fat that is absorbed by the dough.Since soy flour is free of gluten it cannot replace all of the flour in a recipe.

Tips for using Soy flour

Soy flour can also be used as an inexpensive and cholesterol-free egg substitute. Replace one egg with 1 Tablespoon soy flour and 1 Tablespoon water.

Always stir soy flour befor you measure as it can become packed down in its container.

Baked products containing soy flour tend to brown mor quickly, so it may be necessary to shorten your baking time or lower the temperature slightly.

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