Another method is cannaflour. Grind the cannabis up as fine as you can get it,I like to use a spice grinder, and mix it with the following ratio: for every 1 cup of flour,mix a 1/4 cup of powdered cannabis. Your final product is cannaflour, and you can use it in just about every baking recipe in place of flour.


Alternative Flours

Bean flours

06/11/2020 04:20
Here are three basic uses for bean flour.I have spent some time researching the uses for Bean flours and have compiled this information for your reference as well as my own.I havn't tested all of these ideas yet, so I would like to hear about your experiences and tips, feel free to share your...

Tapioca Flour?

05/10/2020 09:37
  How to use Tapioca flour Tapioca flour comes from thecassava root, dried and "milled" or powdered into flour. You can't substitute tapioca flour eqaully for wheat flour due to the absence of gluton and its lighter texture Tapioca flour is often used in gluten free cooking as a thickener for...

Potato starch?

05/10/2020 09:27
. Potato Starch is a fine powder which is extracted from the starch found in potatoes.Potato starch is sometimes confused with potato flour which is different, flour is made from the entire potato and is much more dence or "heavy". Potato starch cannot be used as a direct substitute for regular...

Potato Flour?

05/10/2020 05:55
What is Potato Flour? Potato flour is ground or "milled" from the whole potato which is cooked then dehydrated. Potato flour absorbs large amounts of water,and cannot be the main flour for baking, your  recipe will turn out gummy. Potatoe flour is used as a thickener in soups, gravies, and...


05/03/2020 20:03
Sorghum.......What is Sorghum?: Sorghum is a cereal grain that originated in Africa about 5000 years ago where it continues to be an important food source today. It's sometimes called milo and in India it is known as jowar."Sweet" sorghum is a popular ingredient in gluten-free flour and baking...

Soy Flour

05/03/2020 02:59
  Soy Flour Soy flour is made by milling roasted soy beans into a fine powder.Two kinds of soy flour are available,natural or full-fat soy flour which still contain the natural oils that are found in the soy bean.Defatted soy flour has the oils removed during processing. Both kinds will give a...

Rice Flour

04/26/2020 19:21
Rice flour  is made by removing the grain from the chafe, the grain is then washed, soaked and dried. It is then ground in a mill to form a powder.Flour can be made from white, sweet, or brown rice.White rice produces a light fluffy flour, while brown creates a whole grain type flour and sweet...



made these very tasty double layer brownies thinking the double layer effect would look cool. in my first batch I rushed and didn't chill the bottom layer -so I recommend you try this and let me know how yours turn out. They will be tasty either...


I just made a batch of these and they are FANTASTIC! Triple medicated with infused Kahlua,Bhang-(made with whipping cream) and my own Cannaflour blend. The chocolate/kahlua blend subdues the marijuana and the flavour pops. Ingredients: 21/2  ...
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