Eddie & Bills Vegan Cannaballs

HAY, HAY Cannabis Enthusiasts EDDIE & BILLs has shared their exclusive Cannaballs recipe with CHEF 420, so us over here in the U.S. can enjoy this singular European treat. Eddie & Bills is located in the U.K. where they will make them for you, but you can't get them here!! Unless you make them.
They pride Themselves on Their healing food, the most popular of which is Eddie & Bills Vegan Cannaballs. A cruelty free high and very simple to make.
2      cups Fresh Dates
1      Tablespoon Tahini (sesame seed paste)
1      Tablespoon CannaOil
12    oz. Chocolate Chunks
2      Tablespoons CannaOil  
Desiccant Coconut
Pine Nuts
Almond Slices
Sesame Seeds
Or whatever you like!
 **Make sure there are no pits in your dates**
Place the Dates, Tahini, and Cannaoil in the food processor, and pulse until you get a good consistency. about 3-5 seconds.
spoon out 1 Tablespoon at a time and roll with your hands into a ball, and refrigerate until chocolate is ready.
Meanwhile set up double boiler to melt the chocolate and CannaOil for dipping. I used white and dark chocolate for mine.
Add the Cannaoil to the chocolate and heat over low heat stirring occasionally, until you have a smooth, creamy texture and the oil is incorporated.
Take the prepared balls from the refrigerator and dip into warm chocolate, they like to drop of the toothpick, so I just rolled them around a bit and stabbed it again, let any excess chocolate drip off, and roll in your selected topping.
Place on wax paper and let cool- at room temp. about 30-45 min. or refrigerated about 20-30 min.
I Dipped some of mine in chocolate and sprinkled toppings on top, If you want to do it this way you will have to do it quickly and sprinkle your topping before the chocolate cools even just a couple of min. and the topping won't stick

Leave in the fridge, best served cold for chewy texture.

Liverpool, England
@eddieandbill  on twitter

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