CHEF 420s 12 point Magical Butter Botanical Extractor™ 

Herbal Infuser Review 

I was searching for a infusion machine that might help me get what I'm looking for, but still satisfy the quality standards that I require for Taste, ease of use, and presentation. I think I have found a Mighty solution already, but then, I was asked to do a review of the Magical butter machine. I don't know, I really like the one I'm using now, so I'm likely to be a bit more criticle of something I'm not used to. So keep your pants on,here we go.(you can take your pants off if you want).Magical Butter herbal Infuser De-carb Box


Unpacking the Magical Butter Infuser:

First Impressions, Its like christmas, or opening a brand new toy, a bunch of stuff to play with! Expectations are pretty high, and so am I, so let's take a look.-Packaging looks sturdy, packed with filling, so no shifting in transit, mine had Magical Butter printed on the outside of the shipping box. I'm not sure I like everybody knowing what is in my package. I recieved a sampling of most of what Magical Butter has to offer and everything looks to be in good shape, nothing broken, packaging is intact. So far so good.
First thing I notice is they seem to have a theme going on, green everywhere, that's OK. I like green it's the color of life, growth, & Cannabis.Just a little bit monotone I guess.


In my box of toys, I've got:

Magical butter Decarb Box Review:
This is a new thing for me, and I was anxious to try it out. First, what is a Decarb Box, why use it, and how do you use it? The best commercial gas ranges are likely to vary 15 or more degrees during the de-carbing process necessary to activate the THC/CBD compounds. Sure, that sounds like a lot of science or something, I skipped that class in school. But have no fear, Magical Butter™ decarb box is a NEW way to DeCarb your cannabis. It allows you to activate your cannabinoids, perfectly, every time. The Magical Butter decarboxylation box, made from oven safe, (green of course) silicone, comes with a digital thermometer, which requires two AAA batteries (not included-WTF!) and a instruction booklet. The decarboxylation container lets you select the temperature. The large digital unit is placed outside of the box, and the probe is inserted into a whole in the Decarb box lid. That means you don't have to open the box lid repeatedly to check the temperature. the internal temperature of the box stays more constant. Making the whole process quicker, and more accurate. Once your herbs are de-carbed exactly how you like them, the digital thermometer beeps at you and lets you know it has reached the right temperature. The box is very large, even for me, it will fit up to 4 oz. of Average density plant material (Dry). A great bonus for me, my whole apartment building doesn’t know I'm decarbing, the box keeps a lot of the smell trapped inside. I suggest you give it a good wash before you use it, you never know what chemicals it may encounter while being manufactured. Make sure it's nice and dry before you decarb with it. Over all I would say it's a great idea, but the silicone makes it seem flimsy, we'll have to see how long it will last.

How to De-Carb without the Box....Read more..

Magical Butter (MB2e) Botanical Extractor review:
Magical Butter Machine

First off my feelings on the design, they have left out the green theme here!, a bit on the box, but the Infuser looks slick, bright and shiny new.

The Magical Butter Infuser sits upright, looks like a jug or a thermos only bigger. The main body looks and feels like stainless steel. The working parts, attached to the underside of a plastic lid, are a stainless steel blender-mixer, that actively mixes your infusion. Also sticking out are the thermostat, for automatic temperature control, and an all important overflow sensor. Stainless steel very sturdy- should last a long time.  There is a large side handle (plastic) makes it easy to carry and pour. 

Magical Butter Machine Parts

A detachable 3-prong plug connects at the bottom of the 
handle. The lid also sports a handle for easily gripping the machine with the heavier parts attached to it. There are buttons on the lid where you choose the temperature and infusion time. It doesn't go above 220F, which keeps the THC/CBD from getting burnt. The Magical Butter is meant to be a countertop device and it’s designed that way. Easy to store, easy to assemble, and fairly easy to clean.

The Magical Butter Machine does produce results. 
The final result, a clean and potent infused butter, oil, or whatever. The MB machine has a capacity of 2-5 cups of infusionable (is that a word?) Liquid. It also comes with a "Love Glove", I actually like this glove, fits me fairly well, but my hands aren't huge, so it may be a little 

Magical Butter Love Glove

small for most people. I think its cool that it is included, great safety glove, and I think I'll use it for other things in the kitchen. Just one thing- that's right it's that green color, I don't know it doesn't go with anything I own. The Magical Butter Owners Manual (instructions/recipes). One last great addition is the Purify™  Filter the stiff sides on this makes straining easy, you place it in a bowl and pour your infusion in, then just lift it up and squeeze. Eezy Peesy Sqeezy-sorry to disappoint-not green, yours might be though. Also of course the 110v power cord (also not green).
Magical Butter Purify Filter
The Magical Butter machine also has a "self-cleaning" mode. Fill the pitcher with water halfway between the MIN and MAX lines, add a squirt of dish soap, replace the lid, press the clean button, and wait a few. According to the directions it's now clean, but as I look at it, it is filled with dirty, soapy, warm water, which I will have to dump and wipe out. And I had to put the soap and water in it to begin with. How can you call it self cleaning? Be careful to not wet or submerge the top or any electrical parts of the machine and always be careful when using water around electricity. (DUH...).


Here are a couple of tips to make your Magical Butter, 
THE BOMB! butter!!!
First, don’t pre-grind your herbs there is no real need and you could lose some valuable THC in the process. I suggest also that you use lecithin in the mix. This is optional but highly recommended. Lecithin helps increase the bioavailability of the compounds, thus increasing the potency of the final product. Either way, the machine does not work well with cold, firm butter so make sure you use melted or softened butter before starting your Magical Butter infusion.
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Magical Butter Silicone Spatulas 3 pack Review:

O.K. I've got 3 new, (green) essential tools for every kitchen. A large spatula, a small spatula, plus a concave large spatula, for getting the last little bit! Food grade silicone construction with some kind of hard slightly flexible center "rod" makes it heavier and more substantial in the hand. The warnings say not to put in a microwave, so I assume that the center rod is metal. The silicone means heat resistant to 355f. so your safe with hard candy recipes

Magical Butter 3 pack Spatula Review

Also easy cleaning, even easier when you cook something green, like cannabis butter. I hate to say it, but I do like these. They have already become useful in my kitchen. The handles give me a firm, non-slip grip. I would recommend these for your kitchen too, every Kitchen needs at least a touch of green.


Magical Butter PURIFY™ filters (3-1) 4 pack with the "love" glove Review:

Magical Butter Purify Filter ReviewMagical Butter (3-1) 4 Pack. If you know how to make bubble hash this will be familiar, at least that's what it reminds me of. I have had a need for something like this on many occasions, making clear tinctures, or oils, makes hard candy, and gummies look great. No one wants to see little floating specks in your suckers or gummy bears You know it's going to be gritty and Blaaaa. So to try this out, I had some cannabis oil I had made a while back. I had over cooked it, not too much temperature, but for too long, like 8 hours. Needless to say my hemp filters were not up for the task, so I sealed up the jar and forgot about it. I ran it through the bags and it worked much better, it wouldn't go through the finest mesh, but it was much better than my hemp filter. The kit includes 3 different filter bags, ranging in filtration mesh sizes. Although these are not green, I think they will be after a few uses. And the silicone Love Glove ( very green).

  • 3 PURIFY™ Filter Bags
  • 25 micron is a super fine pore size, best for kief or hashish
  • 73 micron is for a finer tincture and better clarity
  • 220 is a larger pore size, great for butter or thicker extracts
  • 1 LoveGlove silicone cooking glove


Magical Butter Butter Molds

Magical Butter Silicone Butter Tray review:

Magical Butter Machine butter Mold Makes 4-full (8 oz.) size sticks and one unmarked (Fun size?) stick of butter, or most anything. the silicone is oven safe up to 355F. so you could make gummy sticks, just slice off a dose, or layered candy bars. They all have the Magical Butter logo marked on the bottom. I normally make my butter into sticks, so this is not new. the silicone, although it makes it easier to clean, and remove the butter, are hard to transport about without spilling. I like to place my silicone molds on a sheet pan for moving around the kitchen. I like this, it's well made, I will use it again. What else can I say. OH yah.. It's green, but it's starting to match other things in my kitchen.


Magical Butter Gummy Trays Review:

Magical Butter Gummy MoldsI have a variety of 3 different Magical Butter "Gummy" molds. I put gummy in parentheses because you could use these to make a bunch of different items. For Gummies yes, but you could use it for chocolates, layered or filled, or hard candy. Out of the 3 different ones I have, one package is 30 ovals and two fun size. about 10ml would be great for chocolates. Stamped with the Magical butter logo, it will let everybody know where you got your kitchen ware. the other 2 are the Magical Butter’s 21UP™ Gummy Trays clearly identifies medicated foods as “for adults only”. The flexible, nonstick silicone provides a quality mold for gummies and other candies. The 2ml size makes 90 rounds and is great for experimenting with smaller doses.Magical Butter 21 and up Candy Molds They make it safe and easy to gauge intake. The 8 ml size will make 30 square shaped gummies with the 21UP™ logo, they both have a large Magical Butter logo-shaped (fun sized) gummy. Make sure you have a sheet pan or cookie sheet ready before you fill them.
Over all I would say well made, handy for dosing, or small candies. The shapes are kind of basic shapes, you will need your imagination in order to make something spectacular. One of thing is, I like is that green color, It goes with all the green stuff in my kitchen.


My Thoughts About The Magical Butter Herbal Extraction Machine,

The Magical Butter is a great kitchen helper, for people looking to make their own tastyMagical Butter Review Star Rating infused edibles, tinctures, and recipes. I would no doubt recommend it to a buddy or even my family. The Magical Butter requires a small amount of prep time and is a set it and forget it type of a machine. There is lots of stuff that you can make — appetizers, drinks, infused oils, skin care products, and more. Use your imagination and have fun!! There are lots and lots of Magic Butter Machine recipes and Ideas for its use in the included booklet and on-line. Magical Butter can be used with any type of herbs, from mint leaf to Aloe Vera — possibilities are endless! This machine can help you make homemade gifts that anyone would be jazzed to get. I think, with this machine the use of edibles will easily become a part of your daily life. It is a great way to introduce micro-dosing throughout the day, and it’s extremely easy to use for any level cannabis chef skills!


Magical Butter Herbal Infuser Specifications;Magical Butter Machine 2019

  • Weight: 8 Pounds
  • 110V
  • Dimensions: Height 14", Width 10", Depth 10"
  • Capacity: 2-5 Cups of Liquids
  • No Heat mode for non-activated tinctures and other goodies.
  • 130ºF/54ºC for high altitude and arid climates.
  • The Purify Filter Dishwasher safe
  • Each button runs a pre-set
  • micro-processor cycle includes (grinding, heating, extracting, and stirring)
  • Optional extended cooking cycle
  • Self-cleaning function

full refund within 30 days of the original purchase manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty
Price as of 2/2019 is $174.95 US If you link through my site you will automatically get 20% off or you can use Discount coupon code "Chef420" anytime for $30.00 off the Magical Butter Infuser or 20% off other single item purchases*. You can always wait till the holidays to get your Magical Butter Machine, Christmas, Black Friday, or cyber Monday and get great deals. That is a ways off and you never know, the price could go up.