White Rhino Cannabis Strain

10/11/2018 15:45

I have only consumed the White Rhino cannabis strain on a handful of occasions, and each of those occasions are ones that I look back on with fond memories. The White Rhino cannabis strain is unbelievably stellar and if you ever have the chance to try it you absolutely should do so.

By Johnny Green
The look of the White Rhino strain is very frosty and beautiful. I have seen a lot of cannabis flower passed off as being true White Rhino, but I can always tell that it’s not because it isn’t very sparkly. To be fair, it could be that it actually is White Rhino and that it was just grown poorly, but when it’s true White Rhino and was cultivated properly, you definitely know it when you see it.

When it comes to trichome coverage, the White Rhino cannabis strain is near the top of the charts. That’s not surprising given that White Rhino traces its lineage to the White Widow cannabis strain which is as frosty as it gets. White Rhino is a cross between White Widow and North American indica. White Rhino is a mostly indica cannabis strain.
Because of the heavy indica genetics, consuming the White Rhino cannabis strain results in a lot of relaxation. It’s the perfect strain for winding down after a long day and before bedtime. Whenever I consumed the White Rhino strain I always slept very well. The high is very thorough and euphoric, and couchlock is common.

The taste and smell of the White Rhino strain is very woody and earthy. White Rhino, if cultivated properly, has a very high THC percentage. Because it’s an indica the White Rhino cannabis strain grows shorter and bushier compared to a lot of other strains. It flowers quickly and yields a lot compared to other strains.
According to Phylos Bioscience, the closest genetic relative to the White Rhino strain is the Diablo strain. On Phylos’ Genetic Novelty Score spectrum the White Rhino cannabis strain is considered to be very rare, so if you get your hands on White Rhino cannabis seeds consider yourself to be very lucky!


Johnny Green is a cannabis activist from Oregon. Johnny has a bachelor's degree in public policy, and believes that the message should always be more important than the messenger. #LegalizeIt #FreeThePlant