10/15/2018 11:46

When you have Diabetes, becoming an innovative cook requires a bit of planning. But thanks to the plethora of food choices available, it is much easier now than it has ever been to replace foods high in salt, sugar or fats. However, finding the best diabetic sugar substitute for the drink, dish or dessert you are having may still be a trial and error process—but least you have several options.
Before getting started in the diabetic sugar substitute’s process, it may help to have a better understanding of assorted types of sugar being used in what you eat. Other names for sugar are sucrose, dextrose, fructose, glucose (other words ending in "ose’), cane syrup, molasses, and high fructose corn syrup. These sugar forms—fructose, sucrose, and corn syrups—are especially found in popsicles, carbonated drinks, juices and other desserts. As a diabetic, limiting your sugar intake is recommended. There are some diabetic doctors who believe that eliminating sugar completely-as was commonly encouraged by the American Diabetes Association until 1993—is more efficient in lowering blood glucose levels than by using Diabetes sugar substitutes.
Today there are wide assortments of products available that are made with Diabetes sugar substitutes. These sugar substitutes for Diabetes make it possible to enjoy sweet flavor without adding any significant carbohydrates to your diet nor will they raise your blood glucose levels. Nevertheless, in foods such as dairy products, you need to pay attention to the amount of natural sugars like lactose. However, when it comes to making homemade sweets like cakes, pies and puddings, these Diabetes friendly sugar substitutes are perfect.

Diabetes Sugar Substitute
Splenda (Sucralose)
A non caloric sweetener made from table sugar Cooking and baking
Sweet One/ Sunsett (acesulfame K)
A non-caloric sweetener almost 200x sweeter than sucrose Cooking and baking
Sweet-n-Low (Saccharin)

This diabetic sugar substitute is 300x sweeter than sugar Liquids—it cannot be heated as it becomes bitter
Nutrasweet Equal (aspartame)
A low calorie sugar substitute that is about 180x sweeter than sucrose
Cannot be used in cooking as it breaks down; however, it is great for drinks, dairy and other cold items
Sold around the world; it is 300x sweeter than the average sugar Cooking and baking

Because of the sweetness of the sugar substitutes, diabetics will be wise to pay attention to the amount of sugar substitute used in a dish.Before you know it, you will not miss the "real" sugar!